Released 2018-07-11

Five-track EP written in late 2017 and early 2018. Recording and production for this album was handled in-house. At the point we recorded this EP, we were a three-piece outfit: It was just Cole, Galen, and Tyler, with Cole pulling double duty on both the guitar and bass tracks.

"The Pyramid I: Landfall" was written about events from the D&D campaign run by and for the band. The band plays D&D 2e.

A limited run of three 10" vinyls was also created as a private gift for the band.



  • 1. How the Gods Punish (Intro)
  • 2. Cloak of Selene (T. Corlett)
  • 3. Rise (T. Corlett)
  • 4. The Pyramid I: Landfall (T.
       Corlett & G. Buttitta)
  • 5. Pharisee (G. Buttitta)