Released 2017-04-11

Our first release is a full-length LP, most of which was written and produced in 2016 and 2017. The drums were programmed due to recording-related constraints (i.e., we didn't have specific drum mics). Recording occurred in various places--Cole's living room, Galen's basement, Brandyn's house. Cole did the mixing and the mastering.

Physical copies were burned to CD-Rs and were handed out at shows. Bandcamp is currently the only way to acquire this release; no more hard copies are being issued.

"Washed Up" was the first song we actually wrote as a band, the process happening as Galen was trying out and during the tenure of our first bassist, Jake Norris. Other songs (such as "Trapdoor") had existed as segments or fragments, but "Washed Up" was the first womb-to-tomb output put together by Amniote as a distinct entity.



  • 1. Rooster (G. Buttitta)
  • 2. Geriatricide (G. Buttitta)
  • 3. Trapdoor (B. Waggoner)
  • 4. Washed Up (B. Waggoner)
  • 5. Moons of Mercury (B. Waggoner)
  • 6. Darkness (B. Waggoner)
  • 7. Trapdoor (B. Waggoner)